About us

Australian startup creates best natural barrier cream for swimming. You're welcome...

Who are we and what have we created?

My Swim Cream is a barrier cream designed specifically for people who work or train in the pool. It is the brainchild of original co-founders Amanda Raffone and Liz Pommer, who realised there was a need for a product that protects skin from the ill-effects of water while also being natural and good for health.

As an Australian startup company, Mandy and Liz were recently joined by new business partners – Lupco, Jake and Zee – who are all focused on accelerating product and company growth by making My Swim Cream and Functional Blends available to the world.

Why Functional Blends?

Mandy chose the name “Functional Blends” to reflect the philosophy that each product must serve a purpose – it’s not about a nice thing to do or a cosmetic but about being of practical value to everyone one who uses it.

Mandy and Liz and the team are dedicated to creating  natural and sustainable skincare solutions for people who want to protect their skin and health.


Creating the foundations of a good business that is ready to scale has been a priority for us for the past year. Not only testing our MVP in the market but ensuring we are sustainable and viable during periods of accelerated growth has also been part of our roadmap. We’re now ready for the next big step, so if you’re an investor and would like to explore whether we’ll make good partners, drop us a line – we’d love to have a chat.

Natural barrier cream, design to protect your skin

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