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It’s much better to be proactive and protect your skin before you go into the water than try to repair it after the damage is done.

Water, chlorine and salt can all damage your skin mantle and tissue – especially if you’re a swimming teacher, athlete or health enthusiast and spend a lot of time in the water.

We recommend the following routine to help keep your skin happy and healthy:

  1. Have a quick warm shower to rinse off the day and prepare your skin for protection.
  2. Dry off, apply a thin layer of My Swim Cream.
  3. Pop on your swimmers and then your sun protection (sun cream, rashie, etc.).
  4. Wait for the time suggested by your sun cream (usually half an hour) before entering the pool. We also suggest waiting up to half an hour to let My Swim Cream settle onto your skin – so that is easily covered if you’re waiting for your sun cream to activate.
  5. Enjoy your swim!

My Swim Cream is a natural barrier cream that protects your skin whenever you swim in water – any type of water.  

The additional benefit of My Swim Cream is that it reduces the impact of chlorine on your skin by using Vitamin C, which studies show breaks down chlorine.

We’ve used Kakadu Plum extract as our source of Vitamin C as it is one of the richest sources of vitamin C – available right here in our backyard.   

My Swim Cream only includes ingredients that serve a purpose – there are no fillers – all our natural ingredients have a specific function. 

The oils nourish and protect your skin. The beeswax helps create the barrier that reduces impact from the water. The indigenous plant extracts, like Kakadu Plum, contribute a high concentrate of Vitamin C to neutralise the chlorine that contacts your skin.

And the small percentage of aqua (water) included in the mix creates a product that is smooth and creamy to apply.

 Our natural ingredients include:

Fractionated coconut oil (this means refined for use in creams), aqua, jojoba seed oil, shea butter, beeswax, emulsifiers (technical names: sorbitan oleate, Polyglyceryl-3Polyricinoleate), hydrogenated vegetable oil, Zeolite, Vitamin E, hydrogenated lecithin, preservatives (benzyl alcohol, salicylic acid, glycerin, sorbic acid), Kakadu fruit extract, Davidson Plum extract and LillyPilly fruit extract. 

My Swim Cream is designed to be used on all your skin, underneath your sun protection – whether that’s sun cream or a rashie. As all of your skin will be exposed to the water, it’s best to use all over.

You should find 1g per arm and up to 2g per leg will be enough. That’s about 5 or 6 grams in total (about one heaped teaspoon). Because there are no fillers and very little water, a small amount of cream will go a long way. Smooth over arms and legs, and torso and back if you need, ensuring a light film is left on the skin. The point is to have a barrier on your skin, not to rub it in.  

My Swim Cream provides up to four hours of barrier protection for your skin while it’s in the water. If wearing My Swim Cream and not in the water, it can last up to six hours as a general barrier cream.

As My Swim Cream protects your skin from water, you would wear it under your sun cream and rashie.

How you apply your cream and how many times per day or week you need to use the cream may vary.

Generally, we expect you’d get the following number of applications per jar. (And of course, if you have a different experience, please drop us a note via the Contact us page and let us know what you’ve discovered!)


Approximate applications: 40 (female); 30 (male)  


Approximate applications: 15 (female); 10 (male)  

My Swim Cream has been designed and developed in Australia and is certified Australian Made! Most of our ingredients are sourced from Australian producers – the only exception is where an ingredient is not available locally, we import it.

My Swim Cream is made from natural oils, butters and beeswax, along with extracts from fruit and volcanic rock – so it could potentially stain some materials.

We’ve tested it on many different types of fabric and in most cases, it washed right out with regular washing detergents.

As the cream is based on natural oils, most stain remover products should budge any stubborn marks.  

If you have a reaction to the cream, you should stop using it.

If it irritates, wash off with warm, soapy water.

If the irritation persists, please see a medical professional (pharmacist or doctor).

And of course, drop us a note to let us know what your reaction was and what your health professional suggested so we can be sure to consider this in future formulations.  

It’s highly unlikely that you will have a reaction as the natural ingredients all protect the skin mantle and there are no additives, perfumes or chemicals added, which are usually the cause of any irritation.  But everyone has their own circumstances so if you do have any issues, we really do want to know more about your experience.

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