Protect your team’s health

with My Swim Cream

Do you own or manage an aquatic centre, pool or swim school?

As an employer, you want healthy and happy swim teachers working in a safe environment. My Swim Cream is the best plant-based barrier cream you’ll find. Having My Swim Cream available, you’ll improve staff retention, reduce health and safety issues and become known as an employer of choice!

INTRODUCTORY OFFER: 20% off for 25 or more jars (on your first order)

Staff shortages?

It’s a challenge when staff call in sick or resign because they can’t bear to be in the water for another shift. Times are tough on that front right now, and losing trained and qualified team members or even having to ask untrained staff to take on extra responsibilities is a daily reality.

And sometimes that leads to the difficult decision to turn away customers or clients, close early or cut back on services.

Having My Swim Cream available for your people helps protect their skin before going into the water – just like any other protective equipment you provide. #PPE

This helps you build a stable team and reduces your risk of losing staff or customers to your competitors.

How does the employer program work?

We can help you tailor the program to suit your needs.

Here are some examples of how others are making My Swim Cream available:

  1. Stocking it in the staff store for purchase with the 20% discount you get as an employer.
  2. Providing the cream to full-time staff at no cost and to part-time staff for purchase with the 20% discount.
  3. Providing it at no charge to all staff.
  4. Some are even putting a few jars in their public store at full price to off-set some of the cost.

We always recommend starting with a quick chat with us so we can help you plan what you want to achieve, how you might set up this program and how you launch it with your staff.

Retain your best staff with
My Swim Cream

Employers now have the unique opportunity to provide their aquatic staff with My Swim Cream,
as a necessary part of your workplace health and safety approach (WHS/OHS/PPE). This helps you improve employee retention, their health and safety and sets you up as an employer of choice.

Don’t miss out on the discounts exclusively available for employers.

INTRODUCTORY OFFER: 20% OFF for 25 or more jars for your first order

Provide My Swim Cream for free to your staff.

Or, pass on the discount for them to purchase at the reduced price.

Simple as that!

My Swim Cream benefits

My Swim Cream is ideal for anyone who works or trains in water

My Swim Cream is made from natural ingredients to help promote health and let skin do its job – protect the body.

My Swim Cream also helps neutralise chlorine smell. It has an active formula including Vitamin C extracted from Australian native fruits such as Kakadu and Davidson plums and Lilly Pilly. It also contains refined volcanic rock (zeolite) to help draw out pollutants and toxins.

You can read more information about My Swim Cream on our FAQs page

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