The best natural barrier cream for people who work or train in the water

Just like protecting your skin before you go out into the sun, you can now protect your skin from the impacts of water and chlorine – before you jump into the pool!

Protect your skin

Skin is our largest organ and the first line of defence against bacteria and ill health. If you work or train in the pool, your skin is under a great deal of stress and often becomes damaged.

Day after day, this impact reduces your skin's ability to protect your body and general health and can lead to painful skin conditions.

My Swim Cream can help. It protects skin for up to four hours in the water.

Neutralise toxins - naturally

My Swim Cream includes a potent Vitamin C combination extracted from indigenous Australian fruits such as Kakadu Plum and Lilly Pilly.

My Swim Cream also contains refined volcanic rock (zeolite) to extract toxins and chemicals from the water on your skin.

This all helps reduce that post-swim odour - chlorine does NOT have to be your perfume!

Workplace health and wellbeing

Aquatic centres and swim schools can now provide My Swim Cream to people who work or train in the pool.

When used before each session, My Swim Cream protects from skin damage and general health problems.

Most importantly, it improves workplace health and safety and can help reduce people needing to leave a job or sport they love.


People who spend hours in the pool are flocking to My Swim Cream. They’re finding that it provides great protection and seeing a reduction in skin and health problems.

Parents of young children and babies are also telling us it’s making a big difference to reducing the rashes and uncomfortable skin that often leads to many little ones not wanting to return to swimming lessons.

Here’s what some of them have to say.

This cream has provided a perfect barrier in the pool, which I’m in every day. I have a sensitive skin condition that could’ve pretty much put an end to any career as a swim teacher. To be honest if I don’t use this cream (and I did try without to see any differences) I find my skin is red and itchy after a shift.


Swim teacher

In the water for 3-4 hrs, then took a shower and got back in the water without reapplying – it kept my legs from itching. Great!


Swim teacher

I can’t imagine not having it now as both children have not had rashes or scratching after swimming.


Mum of future Olympic swimmers

Buy My Swim Cream for your staff or swim team

My Swim Cream is ideal for swimming teachers, therapy providers and people in training for elite water sport competition.

Really, it’s ideal for anyone who spends hours in the pool for work or training.

Employers can now provide My Swim Cream to aquatic staff to improve staff retention, reduce skin and health risks while also improving their standing as an employer of choice.

We offer a special price for bulk organisational purchases. Contact us now to help plan how you can bring My Swim Cream to your people.

Natural barrier cream, designed to protect your skin while you're in the pool

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