Natural pre-swim barrier cream, designed to #loveyourskin

My Swim Cream

Just like protecting your skin before you go out into the sun, you can now protect your skin before you jump into the pool!

Protect your skin

My Swim Cream is a natural barrier cream to put on your skin BEFORE you go into the pool. Your skin will be protected by the natural plant oils and extracts for up to 4 hours in the water.

Neutralise chemicals

To neutralise chlorine, we've included a potent Vitamin C combination extracted from Kakadu Plum, Lilly Pilly and Davidson Plum - reducing health impacts and that post-pool odour!

All natural

Our ingredients are all extracted from natural sources and actively work to protect and nourish your skin. Swimming is great for your health and so is our natural pre-swim cream!


We sent My Swim Cream out into the world to test it with real people – and this is what some of them said.

This cream has provided a perfect barrier from the harsh chemicals in the pool, which I’m in every day. I have a sensitive skin condition that could’ve pretty much put an end to any career as a swim teacher. To be honest if I don’t use this cream (and I did try without to see any differences) I find my skin is red and itchy after a shift.

Tom Baker

Swim teacher

Mark took to the water from the first time we jumped into the pool together. He loves his swimming lessons but of course, I’m cautious about having him spend too much time in chlorinated pools. My Swim Cream makes all the difference!

Sarah Jones

Mum of a future Olympic swimmer

Swimming is my go-to for fitness, fun and stress release. What I don’t like is that itchy feeling you get when you get out of the pool and dry off. I love My Swim Cream because it feels fabulous when its on my skin and my skin still feels fabulous when I finish swimming. The world is good!

Jan Smith

Health, wellbeing and swimming fan

Buy My Swim Cream for your staff or swim team

My Swim Cream is ideal for your swimming teachers and swimmers aspiring to elite levels, triathletes, water polo teams and synchronised swimming teams.

Really, it’s ideal for anyone who spends hours in the pool.

If you’d like to purchase My Swim Cream for your staff or swimmers, we have a special price for bulk organisational purchases. We can also provide you with a price if you’d like to stock My Swim Cream on your retail shelves.

Natural barrier cream, designed to protect your skin while you're in the pool

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